Cancellation Policy


1. Hertz applies Cancellation and No Show/Lost Rental charges on all prepaid rates.


1. Hertz allows you to make changes to a reservation up to three times:
a. Online by the 'Modify/Cancel' reservation page
b. By using our online chat

2. No modification administration fee will be made for changes made online.

3. Any change to a booking made online or through the call centre will be recalculated based on the availability and prices at the time the change is made.

This may be greater or lesser than the price originally booked. This applies to changes made to:
a. Drop off location
b. Pick up date and time
c. Drop off time and date
d. Vehicle group
e. Airline and flight number
f. GPS Mapeo
g. Child seats
h. All other additional products.

4. The lead customer name and the pick up location on a reservation cannot be changed. If you wish to change the lead name or the pick up location, then you must cancel the reservation (see below “Cancellations”) and make a new reservation.

5. You will be asked to enter a valid credit card number at the end of a change to a prepaid reservation. This MUST be the same credit card that was used for the original reservation. If you wish to change the credit card, then the original reservation must be cancelled (see below “Cancellations”) and a new reservation made.

6. If no cars are available for the location and date requested, then you will see the message: 'No cars available at this location for this date or duration'. You should try to change the dates or location for pick up.

7. If no prepaid rates are available for the location, date or other requests made, the customer will see the message: 'No prepaid available'. If you see this message, you may cancel the original reservation (see below “Cancellations”) and make a new reservation if a non-prepaid rate is available.

8. Promo Code: A Promo Code can be added to a reservation. However, there may be circumstances in which this Promo Code is linked to a negotiated discount or rate that does not match Hertz retail prepaid rates. In this circumstance, you will see the error message: 'No prepaid available'. You may cancel the original reservation (See below “Cancellations”) and make a new reservation adding the Promo Code number.

9. Hertz Gold Plus Rewards numbers cannot be added to an existing reservation online.


1. Hertz allows you to cancel a prepaid reservation:
a. online by the 'Modify/Cancel' reservation page
b. by using our online chat

2. A full refund of the prepaid reservation will be made:
a. If the cancellation is made within 7 days of the original booking time;
b. Less an administrative fee of US$60.00 if the cancellation is made after 7 days of the original booking time.

3. Refunds will be made to the credit card that the original booking was made on.


1. If at the time of vehicle collection you wish to rent a larger car or rent for a longer period, you may do so, subject to availability, on payment of additional charges.


1. If you fail to cancel your reservation prior to the Pick Up Time and do not collect the vehicle on the Pick Up Date, or if you fail to comply with the pick up terms (refer Rental Qualifications & Requirements), we reserve the right to make a No Show/Lost Rental Charge of US$130.00 which recovers our administration costs and compensates us for our inability to rent the vehicle when it was reserved for your use.

2. We will refund your prepayment, less the No Show/Lost Rental Charge, if you write to us within 90 days of the Pick Up Date at Hertz Prepaid Accounting Department, Hertz Europe Service Centre, Swords Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin, Ireland requesting repayment and enclosing a copy of your Reservation Confirmation.


1. Your vehicle will be reserved and made available to you. Should you fail to pick up the vehicle within 1 hour from the pick up time and date, or in the case of airport rentals, within 2 hours of the flight arrival time if a flight number has been provided to Hertz, Hertz reserves the right to charge a No Show Fee. This fee will be US$65.00, exclusive of VAT, as appropriate at station closing time or Midnight at 24hr locations on the reserved pick up date. The fee will be to compensate Hertz for loss of revenue and costs incurred in reserving and preparing a vehicle.


1. If you pay at location we reserve the right to make an Early Return Charge of US$20.00, to compensate us in part for our inability to rent your vehicle during the time reserved for your use.

2. If you prepaid or you pay at location we reserve the right to make a Late Return Charge of US$25.00, to compensate us in part for the costs we incur in finding an alternative vehicle to satisfy our next booking for your vehicle and for our administration costs in contacting you to return the vehicle.

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