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With over 60 years of customer service in the car rental trade, Hertz Guatemala prides itself in providing people with a smart and hassle-free way of obtaining a car through it’s concept of Multi-Month rental.

The significant on-going growth we have enjoyed as a company over the past 60years has been in large due to customer’s loyalty and refferal.  Today we are proud to be one of the Guatemala’s leading vehicle rental companies.

We employ over 50 staff membes across Guatemala, with locations in GuatemalaCity, Peten, Antigua and Quetzaltenango, including offices inside mayor hotels.


We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, and our team of 50+ employees deliver friendly, knowledgeable and professional advice on a daily basis.

Our reps have considerable experience in the car rental industry and are well qualified to offer advice on all our makes and models.  Their goal is to find the right car for you at the right price and to ensure your rental experience is easy and hassle-free.

Hertz Renta Autos Guatemala
Hertz Renta Autos Guatemala

Why Choose Multi-Moth

Multi-Month rental is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to drive a car whilst benefiting from fixed monthly payments, coverage's, 24 hour roadside assistance, 24 hour emergency service and maintenance, which covers the cost of servicing. We supply various makes and models for different types to cover all your needs.

Who can use Multi-Month

One of the great things about multi-month is that almost anyone can do it. If you hold a valid drivers license you can enquire on any multi-month contract. It is however worth remembering that you will need to be put through a credit approval to make sure you will be able to fund your monthly payments. Rest assured this is a quick and easy process.

Is Multi-Moth right for me

If you like an affordable way to drive a car, avoiding maintenance cost and unforseen bills, multi-month will be the best option for you.This means you benefit from the latest models, technology, safety features, 24 hour roadside assistance, 24 hour emergency assistance, vehicle replacement and vechilce coverages.

Why Hertz Guatemala

With over 60 years experience we are able to make the process of driving a car on multi-month as simple and hassel-free as possible. Over this time we have forged strong, lasting relationships with the largest dealers, enabling us to secure the best terms. Our focus is on building long term customer relationships, ensuring that repeat customers and recommendations account for a substantial part of our business.

Hertz Renta Autos Guatemala
Hertz Renta Autos Guatemala


  • Off Balance Sheet
  • VAT recoverable on monthly rentals
  • No risk of depreciation
  • Improved cash flow
  • Minimal capital expenditure
  • Full maintenance and servicing
  • Coverage for the vehicle
  • Replacement vehicle in event of breakdown
  • 24 hour roadside assistance
  • 24 hour emergency assistance
  • Legal assistance in case of an accident

Process of Multi-Month

We have every type of make and model you might need, along with optional extras, such as personal accident coverages. This enables you to tailor your vehicle to your exact needs.

Whether you’ve chosen a vehicle that’s in stock (ready to go) or a factory order (built to your specification) we’ll keep you informed with regular updates every step of the way between your order and delivery.

When your vehicle is ready, we’ll arrange a delivery date that works for you.

Enjoy driving your car? We’ll be on hand through out your multi-month if you need us to help with anything.

Hertz Renta Autos Guatemala
Hertz Renta Autos Guatemala

Who We Support

We are pleased to support and work closely with several well known charities in Guatemala.

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  • Camino Real Antigua
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Hertz Renta Autos Guatemala
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Hertz Guatemala Renta Autos

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Hertz Guatemala Renta Autos

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